Luxury Travel Customer Profile

With literally plethora of ways to promote the tourism brand, so many travel operators get completely weighed down at the mere thought of where to even begin with their marketing strategy. The answer is rather simple. It is Important to know who your customer are before you choose your marketing activities.

To be able to identify your target market is indeed the Marketing 101, but with plenty of ways to reach out to potential customers in their buying cycle, Luxury travel companies need to be very clear on what marketing activities will end up engaging the most profitable customers in order to achieve the best return investment to be done on marketing.

Profiling Your Customer

Before you begin understanding who your most lucrative customers will be, you have to start with understanding who your actual current customers are.

The first question you would be asking yourself is:

As on date, are you actually getting the customers you want through your door only?

The answer could never be in black and white because there are a few incredible customers who liked their experience with you, but then there are some customers you would rather like to avoid.

To attract more of the people you would like to have onboard, you have to carefully understand the character, emotional reasoning and dispositions of a single person who represents the ‘incredible’ customers as it relates to how they experienced the associations with you. This process is called ‘Ideal Customer Profiling’.

Who spend the most and ask minimal question about price

Who never whine, leave unwarranted reviews on travel website like TripAdvisor

Who live you, your region, your product and in fact everything about what you offer

Who are your biggest fan, and kind of brand advocate – they are very proud to associate themselves with your business, and want everybody to know about it

Who make you get out of sleep and go to work for

How To Identify Your Ideal Customers

To be able to identify your Ideal Customers is mostly a brainstorming exercise – an extremely important one at that. Customer Profiling begins with focusing on one of your seasoned customers and eventually drill down the characteristics of that person.

Answers needs to be found for the following in order to paint a clear profile of the persona of your Customer- Exact Age, Marital Status, Location, Sex, family status and , Income.

  • What books they like to read, their favorite food, their past times/hobbies, what TV shows they watch
  • What keeps them engaged, what they value in life , what gets them excited, why they value it
  • Who they travel with, what questions they have when planning travel, why they travel

As soon as you have the answers to it, you will know exactly how to engage them in your business, which will not only help you to achieve engagement, but also create more sales for your brand.